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Abby's Book: Is This Thing On?

"Abby Stokes uses her experience in the classroom . . . to give the feeling that a friend is explaining it all to you."
—The New York Daily News

Is This Thing On? is a reassuring, totally straightforward nuts-and-bolts guide that introduces late bloomers, technophobes, and the digitally challenged to all the wonders of using a computer. It helps you to select, buy, and set up a computer; how to sign up for e-mail and internet access, and how to use the world wide web. There’s information on printers, scanners, wireless routers—and basic software, such as word processing programs.

Plus, Is This Thing On? delves into the online world to cover search engines, web navigation, information on online banking, shopping, travel planning, and dating. It covers security issues, "netiquette," instant messaging, and blogs, and there’s an entire chapter devoted to digital photos—transferring them from camera to computer and sending them as attachments. Abby Stokes—who has a gift for taking the terrified by the hand and teaching old dogs new tricks—demystifies other digital devices: cell phones, iPods, and Blackberries.

Also included in the book are 200 recommended websites.

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