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10 Tips for Teaching Computers to Future Silver Surfers

There are unique obstacles to teaching technology to a generation that not only wasn't born with a computer mouse in their hand, but clearly remember when telephones were rotary dial. As a "younger" baby boomer, the transition to computers came a lot easier for me than it did for my mother. But, if she is any example, anyone can learn to use a computer with gentle, patient, and creative guidance.

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QUESTION: I keep getting offers to upgrade the existing software on my computer. When and why should I upgrade my software?

ANSWER: You don’t need to upgrade your software unless or until you want to. Manufacturers regularly make improvements on their existing software and offer upgrades to their customers. Some offer these upgrades for free. Others may offer it to you at a greatly reduced price. Even if it is free, don’t feel obligated to upgrade your software.
When the time comes you will know whether you’re interested in the improvements that are being touted. It’s fine to stick with what you’re used to and comfortable with until you feel a desire for something more.

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